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Battleschool has been seen on History TV and the Smithsonian Channel and now on Netflix in three WWII Re-creation documentaries 'Devil's Brigade', 'History’s Toughest Soldiers' and 'Camp X – Making of a Secret Agent' it got a lot of attention


Congratulations...your about to sign up for the best training ever!


5 Days

$2000USD /€1725 per person

NOW you can join Mr. (RSM) Bill Wolfe and experience that combatives skill and knowledge you witnessed and much more you didn't get to see. Sign up for Battleschool 5-days that will change your life!  You'll:


  • 'Train In the Footsteps of Heroes'


  • Take-part in an Authentic Old School Military Combatives


  • Enjoy the challenge of finding out just how well trained you'll become in just 1 week


  • Have fun  in a thrilling adventure easily mastering the long forgotten Western-military Training Principles made famous in WWII





Oct 1-5 2018  |  CADIZ, SPAIN - EUROPE

Full fee of $2000 USD

3 equal payments $666 USD

You will be sent an email with your next payment(s) due. Approx 30 -45 days apart. Payments must be made before the course date.  Details in your  payment schedule email will be provided.

Sept 10- 14 2018  |  VANCOUVER, BC - CANADA

Full fee of $2000 USD

3 equal payments $666 USD

You will be sent an email with your next payment(s) due. Approx 30 -45 days apart. Payments must be made before the course date.  Details in your  payment schedule email will be provided.

You will be sent course Joining Instructions upon Sign up. (Training Location, What to bring.) You are responsible for travel  & accommodation.

For those flying to Europe OR North America we suggest using Condor Airlines, Tap Portugal, KLM for the best deals crossing the Atlantic!

Within Europe budget airlines include: WizzAir, RyanAir, EasyJet, AirBerlin, GermanWings, and a tonne more!





Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) Bill Wolfe CD has been teaching Infantry close combat tactics and hand-to-hand combat since the 70's. During the 80's he was one of those legends who helped pioneer modern police use of force and SWAT tactics as a SWAT team leader. With more than 5 decades of martial arts study and some 39 years of operational experience he founded the International Defendo Federation in 1985. In 2000 Black Belt Magazine declared him, “one of the world’s top ten reality-based instructors”. Recently the US Army Special Forces stated, “RSM Wolfe is one of the most intimidating and knowledgeable instructors we have ever worked with and his system of combatives is for Special Forces”. Blitz Martial Arts of Australia put it simply saying, “Bill Wolfe is a legend and Pioneer of reality-based training”. Combat Sports and Martial Arts said, “Bill Wolfe is a fitting successor to the legendary Colonel William Fairbairn the father of all modern close combat training”. Undisputedly he is one of the very last experts with in-depth knowledge of western military based combatives in particular those famous WWII systems used by his army mentors. His teaching method is hands on, straight forward and no BS. There is no better expert to train with if you want to gain the experience of a life-time than training with RSM Wolfe as Budo Magazine said, “he's the masters', Master”.





Battleschool is a rapid military-based transformation course that integrates the tactics, the fighting skills and the mental aspects of combat preparation over an incredible 5-day adventure.  Created originally as a military CQB qualification by RSM Wolfe to prepare soldiers for operational deployment, Battleschool” today tactically fuses military, police and realistic self protection training together to create life changing, intense combatives sessions designed to quickly build that important 'indomitable fighting spirit' and the mind/body connection to use it.  Battleschool is unmatched by any other single training event and by your commitment to attend you've chosen a training event that can deliver on  its promises!  You've made the right decision! “You'll train in the footsteps of heroes!”.


Battleschool for all participants is a live-in program where you are provided uniforms, and a DVD and as a bonus we include rations and quarters for a cost of $2000 USD / €1725.00 EURO. Battleschool has limited enrollment making it an elite Camp and all applicants are on a first come basis. Early registration is highly recommended.  You can come as an individual, or with a partner or as a group.


Anyone can attend Battleschool provided you are over 18 yrs old. You do not need to have any prior martial arts or military background. We do however suggest you start a fitness routine and get into some kind of physical shape.


Nothing about Battleschool is experimental all the training has been tried, tested, and proved effective. Therefore for you to get the best possible results you must be willing to exercise very intensely and adhere to a strict training plan.


In return you'll get expert instruction from Mr. Wolfe, specific military-based combatives, and we guarantee that when you complete Battleschool you will observe a monumental change in yourself and fellow participants.  And you will have more real hand-to-hand combat skill and knowledge than any current soldier.


Now that we've got you excited Register.



Battleschool Fee: For $2000 USD / €17250.00 EURO you receive 5-days of hands on training from RSM Wolfe; includes your Battleschool uniforms/training gear, a training DVD'.  Battleschool is worth every nickel of it and your about to prove it to yourself!













Battleschool will be held just outside of Cadiz at ‘Conil de la Frontera’ a very quite country side local.


During the course we will have indoor and out door training.


Every course participant will be provided with accommodations. You will also receive 3 meals a day (if you choose to purchase more food or beverages this is not included and is at your own expense) the meals are held in the ‘Resort’s’ mess hall.


All training is held on site so there is no additional travel once your at Battleschool.


The Course is entirely instructed by Bill Wolfe in English.  You can expect participants from many different countries and English may not be their native language.  Battleschool is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and build life-long contacts..


Upon registering your Joining Instructions will provide you with essential course details including:

RV (rendezvous) Point: Everyone will meet up at a easy to find and easy to access location found in your joining instructions by August 26th. You will be given the time to RV/'meet up' and we will travel by bus to the Battleschool Location and get you settled in before the morning of the 27th when training starts


We will provide you with local contact numbers of our staff.


You will be giving a short list of items to bring (for example: a jock/cup, running shoes, hiking boots/shoes etc.


The question as been asked if Spain is a safe country to visit, Yes.  It has a low crime rate and it is very low on the terrorist target list.

In Spain the currency is the Euro. ATM’s are everywhere and you can access them at anytime.


Basically Spain is populated by warm generous people.  Cab drivers are honest and generally very helpful.  Cadiz is a beautiful city and there is lot to see and do if you have never been there it is well worth a few extra days to visit and enjoy the local culture.  Of course at your own expense!


We look forward to presenting Battleschool in Spain! If you still have any further concerns regarding traveling to Spain or training please contact us and we'll try to answer them for you.






A snapshot of our time in Cadiz - Ash & I had a fantastic adventure in Spain, Ash and the kids enjoy riding bikes through the country side, walking on the endless beaches of Conil, climbing on ruins and trekking through the city of Cadiz, who doesn't like ice cream and beer?

Many are asking if it's ideal to ... "Come early?... Stay late?... Bring the wife?... Bring the family to Cadiz?" My answer is YES! There is plenty for your entourage' to do while you are training!


Some top tourist things to do:


Tourist Cadiz


Torre Tavira

Castle of Santa Catalina



Conil de la Fronteria - things to do

Torre de Guzman


Museum roots Conileñas




Beaches, statues/monuments, history, parks, restaurants, museums, art galleries, wineries, modern malls... Get Here!



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